About Rhino Coffee

Started in 2012, Rhino Coffee made making the perfect cup of coffee it’s primary goal. Eventually, our desire for the perfect cup pushed us to not only brew the perfect coffee, but roasting it as well. Now, years later, our desire for you to have the perfect cup of coffee is stronger than ever. We source and roast over 20 different coffees from across the entire world each year- roasting over 250lbs each week. From specialty blends to single-origin Fair Trade organic coffees, we know that you can find the perfect coffee.

From sourcing, roasting, grinding, and brewing, we work tirelessly to make the perfect cup- just for you. We pride ourselves on being the first locally-owned and operated coffee shop in Shreveport. Serving fresh coffee and delicious breakfast, lunch, and dinner and everything in between, Rhino Coffee is here for you. Grab a coffee to go, or stick around for a house-made meal.

Locations in Downtown & Uptown Shreveport.

Open 7 Days a Week.

Uptown Shreveport

721 Southfield Road

Downtown Shreveport

624 Texas Street

Catering & Events