Learn to Speak Coffee

The culture of coffee is super fun! It's one that lets people explore flavors, tasting notes, and mixtures. But, it can also be hard to get into the game. There are a lot of words that mean different things in the context of coffee. For example, when discussing coffee, "body" does not mean "36-24-36" as our friend Sir Mix-a-Lot succinctly put it. Here is a quick guide so you can learn the basics of talking coffee with your friends. 



A beverages perceived weight or fullness


Thick emulsified oils that sit on top of espresso.

Direct Trade

A practice coffee roasters use where they buy coffee directly from the farms rather than from brokers.

Fair Trade

A private program certification that coffee roasters, farmers, and importers adhere here to guarantee safe conditions and livable wages for farmers.


Espresso shots “pulled” with a longer extraction time.


The filter basket and handle on an espresso machine.


An old term from when espresso machines were all lever-based. Espresso shots are “pulled” from the espresso machine.

Single Origin

Coffee from a single region or farm


A tasting method used by baristas, roasters, and coffee-fanatics, alike. Coarse grounds coffee is steeped in hot water; then, you slurp it quite pretentiously to taste the minute notes that the coffee holds


A process wherein the soluble flavors of coffee are extracted.

Green Beans

Unroasted coffee beanzzz


Milk that has been steamed to creat a velvety smooth, wet paint texture. Great for latte art!


The used coffee from a portafilter


Espresso shots “pulled” with a shorter extraction time for a smaller, more concentrated drink