We want YOU to be a part of our next art show

We are calling it Summer School Yearbook and you are the model and photographer!

For only one dollar ($1), you can use one of our Ilford Sprite 35-II cameras to take a picture of you and your friends. Pose with your favorite coffee drink, take an awkward portrait, or just capture a moment with your friends in our back patio. Want to take more than one photo? It's only $1 a photo!

Fill the Space!

Our goal is to create a space filled with our friends, family, and fellow coffee lovers enjoying summer. Let's slow down and have some fun.


1. Head to your barista and order a "Year Book Photo"
2. We will hand you a camera
3. You will hand us an ID for safe keeping
4. Take as many pictures as you'd like
5. Return the camera and pay for the photos that you have taken
6. Wait for film magic to be developed!

Art Show Party!

After we spend the month creating an entire space filled with summer vibes, we will celebrate with an after party with live music and fun in the space for people to check it out and find their photos! Afterwards, you can grab yours to save forever!

Art Show Party - July 1st from 6-8PM