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Team Member

$ 9 - 12
721 Southfield Rd 71105 Shreveport Louisiana

This position requires 12-30 hours per week.

Our team members work in varied positions during the week to keep things fresh and exciting. We also know that some people will excel more in other areas than others and will coach to make sure you are a rockstar, no matter what!

Our team members have no authority over any other positions. We work together to get things done and serve great coffee. Team Members report to the store's management team.

Barista: You will manage the espresso bar and produce the specialty drinks, including lattes. Other tasks will include crafting our custom syrups, restocking grinders, and cleaning. We also expect our baristas to be able to answer customers' questions regarding coffee. You will be the on-site expert, but don't worry- you'll be trained first so no prior experience is required.

Cashier: As our first line of service, you will be the representative for our brand! We love creating a chill & friendly environment and we all have a part to play, especially the cashier! Daily tasks will include taking orders, answering questions, handling cash, and smiling! Other tasks will include preparing beverages, managing pastry orders, restocking, and cleaning. 

Kitchen: Our staff working in the kitchen are responsible for prepping our ingredients, producing food orders, and stocking our shelves so we don't run out of stuff! Trust us, people need their burritos! Other tasks include cleaning up your messes, cooking, and cooking.

Other shifts may include Bar Backs, Floats, Baking, and Off-Site Events!

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