Ceros (Blend) - 12 Month Prepaid Subscription

Ceros (Blend) - 12 Month Prepaid Subscription

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With a pre-paid subscription to Rhino Coffee, you will receive a bag of coffee once a month for a 12 month period. You will never have to worry about running out again.


Ceros is our Rhino espresso blend and it's what our baristas use to pull you those buttery smooth shots! Ceros is a blend of some of our favorite in-harvest single-origins varieties - this allows us to keep flavors consistent, fresh, and balanced throughout the year! Flavors to look out for are brown sugar, bakers chocolate, clementine, and praline - deliciously well-rounded with a bright finish!  We can’t wait for you to try it!



Baker's Chocolate, Praline, Hazelnut, Brown Sugar



Balanced, Clean, Full



Medium (20)



AeroPress at 16g per 224g of water (1:14)


Brazil, Costa Rica, Ethiopia






Natural, Washed

The AeroPress is a full immersion method, that produces a brew a bit stronger than your typical drip coffee, but still clear and complex. Great to take on the go – camping, road trips, even the office!


Dosage: 16g to 224g of water (1:14) (yields 6-7oz, 1 cup)

Grind: Medium-fine Coarse (like table salt)

Filter: AeroPress Micro-filters

Temp: 204°F (or right off boil)

Recommended style: Inverted, with the plunger on the bottom (vertical alignment ensures tight fit)

Total Time: 2.5 minutes


  1. Begin with inverted alignment (with plunger on the bottom); place on scale and tare.
  2. Add coffee and gently shake to settle the grounds, then tare again.
  3. Start timer. Add 100g of water (½ amount) and stir a few times to saturate and promote extraction.
  4. Add remaining 100g of water and pour evenly over the top; stir a few times more.
  5. At 1:45 minutes, secure the cap and filter (we recommend pre-rinsing the filter) onto the Aero Press.
  6. At 2 minutes, flip the press onto a cup and press down until you hear a hissing sound – this should take about 30-45 seconds. Enjoy!