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Glass Chemex with a wooden collar sitting on a white desk next to a black camera and a white ceramic mug.

Brew Coffee with a Chemex

The Chemex is an old school pour-over method, that produces a full body and beautiful clarity, due to its bonded paper filter.

Dosage: 50g coffee to 750g water (1:15) (yields 16-18oz, 2 smaller cups or 2 large cups)

Grind: Medium Coarse (like Kosher Salt)

Filter: Bonded Filters Pre-folded Squares (Natural)

Temp: 204°F (or right off boil)

Pre-Infusion/"Bloom": 100g water (1:2) for 30-45 seconds

Total Time: 4 minutes


  1. Separate 4 layers of filter: 3 layers on one side, and 1 on the other. Insert filter into Chemex, with the 3-layer fold on the spout side, and rinse thoroughly. Be sure to discard the water.
  2. Place on scale, tare, and add coffee; gently shake to settle the grounds; tare again.
  3. Start timer. Add 100g of water for a 30-45 second “bloom”, saturating the grounds evenly with circular motions.
  4. During the “bloom”, pick up the entire brewer and give it a swirl to agitate the grounds for even saturation.
  5. Add 650g more water in an aggressive manner, pouring in a circular motion and avoiding the edges. If needed, adjust the pour speed to maintain level bed (about ½ inch from the top of the brewer).
  6. Give it a gentle stir, make sure to stir around the edges of paper filter.
  7. Allow to for it to completely draw down (drain) and serve in pre-heated cup. Enjoy!
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