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A person in a blue checkered shirt and blue jeans pouring water into a Clever dripper coffee brewer that is sitting on a scale

Brew Coffee with a Clever Dripper

The Clever Dripper is a full immersion brew method; it creates a clean, vibrant, and smooth bodied cup (due to the paper filter). The Clever Dripper can also double as a pour over style brewer! 

Dosage: 20g coffee to 300g water (1:15) (yields 10oz, 2 small cups or 1 large cup)

Grind: Medium (like Kosher Salt)

Filter: #4 Filtropa or #4 Melita

Temp: 204°F (or right off boil) 

Pre-Infusion/”Bloom”: 50g water for 30-45 seconds (some Clever brew methods do not call for a “bloom”, however, we feel it promotes a cleaner, less bitter flavor)

Total Time: 3-4 minutes


  1. Fold the filter along the bonded seams and insert into the Clever brewer
  2. Rinse the filter with hot water. Leaving the filter in place, discard the water
  3. Place on scale, tare, and add coffee; gently shaking to settle the grounds, then tare again
  4. Start timer. Add about 50g of water for a 30-45 second “bloom”, saturating the grounds evenly with circular motions.
  5. Add remaining 250g of water and pour evenly over the grounds. Cover with its lid.
  6. At 2 minutes, give a quick, gentle stir to evenly immerse the grounds into the brew. Make sure to stir around the edges of the paper filter. Cover the Clever with its lid.
  7. At 2 ½ minutes, set the Clever on top of a mug to release the brew. This process should take about 45 seconds to 1 minute. Enjoy! 
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