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Brew Coffee with a Toddy® Cold Brew System

Brew Coffee with a Toddy® Cold Brew System

The Toddy® Cold Brew System is a full immersion method that replaces the heat of traditional brew methods with time, brewing a strong, smooth coffee concentrate that is perfect for the summer.

Dosage: 12oz (340g) coffee to 7c (56 fl. oz./1.65L) water (1:14) (yields 6-7oz, 1 cup)

Grind: Coarse-Ground (like coarse sea salt)

Filter: Reusable Felt Filter & Paper Filter Bag
We prefer the dual filtration method as it created a smoother cup and allows for easier cleanup. Toddy calls this "Method 1".

Temp: Room temp

Recommended Style: Method 1: Coffee Concentrate

Total Time: 12-24 Hours (We think 16 hours is the sweet spot)


      1. Pre-wet the felt filter and insert it into the container. 
      2. Open the filter bag and place it into the container. Pre-wet.
      3. After draining the water, insert the stopper into the bottom of the container
      4. Pour 12oz (340g) of course-ground coffee in the filter bag
        FYI our coffee bags are exactly 12oz!
      5. Slowly pour 7 cups of water over coffee
      6. After 2 minutes, slowly press down on coffee to break the crust and gently stir to ensure even saturation
      7. Twist the top of the bag to close
      8. Brew for 16 hours at room temperature

    After Brew:

      1. Remove the stopper and decant into a pitcher
        Coffee will stay fresh for up to 2 weeks in refrigerator!
      2. To serve, cut Cold Brew with milk or water using a 1:2 ratio. Adjust as needed for a stronger or milder taste.

      We roast our single-origin Cold Brew specifically to bring out the notes when brewing cold brew. Purchase it here.

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